Perroquet works with exercises. An exercises in perroquet is the association of one or more media files and the corresponding subtitles files.

There is various ways to get an exercise.

Manual exercises creation

If you have a media file with an audio track in the language you want to works and a subtitle in the same language, you can manually create an exercises.

Read the documentation to lear to create an exercise: documentation.

Online exercises repositories

Although perroquet works with every media file with a subtile file in the same language, a exercise manager in perroquet provide the access to an exercises's online database.

The exercises manager (Edit>Exercise Manager) contains by default only one repository and this repository contains few exercises but no configuration is needed for these exercises.

Your help is welcome to fill the repositories with others exercises: Propose a new exercise or an update of an existing exercise.

The perroquet team provide a test repository : http://perroquet.b219.org/exercises/1.1.0/exercises_test.xml. To learn to add a new repository in perroquet, read this page : Add new repository.

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