Documentation - Developement

Perroquet is developed with python, it use GTK (with pyGTK) for the GUI and Gstreamer as media player

Build from sources

Download and run

First, download the last development version on launchpad with bazaar:

bzr branch lp:perroquet

You can directly run perroquet without any build or install:

cd perroquet

Build locales

Without built, perroquet will be in english. Without install, the best integration with your system will not be available: no icon, no entry in menu, no handle on *.perroquet.

You can build others languages easily:

python build

The language files should now be build. If you run Perroquet again and if your system language is one of translation language, the text in Perroquet will be translated.


To install perroquet, type with root rigths:

python install --record=install-files.txt

or with sudo

sudo python install --record=install-files.txt

The install-files.txt file is optionnal. It is needed to uninstall Perroquet.

Once installed, you should be able to launch Perroquet from anywhere:



To uninstall perroquet, type with root rigths:

python uninstall --manifest=install-files.txt

or with sudo

sudo python uninstall --manifest=install-files.txt
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